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Section: Organs: Other
Recipe: Beef and Chicken Liver

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Beef and Chicken Liver
I'm trying to use more organ meats for my family. The easiest and most
available is beef liver, and chicken livers. Most recipes call for breading
them, but I have had delicious results from marinating in oil and lemon
juice. Then sauté them in a fair amount of olive oil, HOT, for a short
while. Beef liver about 3/8" thick is done in 2 minutes per side. The
chicken livers I divide in two before cooking. Then sauté some onions, and
combine the meat with the onions just before serving. Beef heart is good
too, and especially good as a shish kebab ingredient. I also fix kidney and
sweetbreads (pancreas), but they are more trouble, and also harder to find
in the supermarket. Sweetbreads are so good, that some of my kids have
requested them as a birthday dinner!

From: Michael (mrbuji at WHIDBEY.NET)
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