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Section: Tongue
Recipe: Tongue

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   1    3 lb large beef tongue
   1    Onion, quartered
   1    Carrot, sliced
   3    Ribs of leafy celery
   6    Sprigs of parsley
   2    Bay leaves
  10    Peppercorns, cracked
   1    Dried chile, optional

All are tasty. They can be purchased fresh, smoked and pickled. The
most desired, in order of preference, are: calf, lamb, beef and pork.

To prepare: scrub the tongue well. If it is smoked or pickled you MAY
wish to blanch it first, by simmering for about 10 minutes. Immerse
the tongue in seasoned boiling water to cover, reduce heat and simmer
gently for at least one hour. Up to 3 hours for large beef tongues.
Then drain, plunge into cold water to cool the meat enough to handle,
skin it, and trim any bones and gristle from the root. Finally return
it to the cooking water to re-heat it before serving. Or chill it
entirely and serve as a cold-cut. To carve, start by cutting through
the hump parallel to the base, but towards the tip cut an the diagonal
for a better looking presentation. Serves 9.

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