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Section: Stove Top: Chilis
Recipe: Paleo-Chili

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Brown 2 lbs of ground beef in a wide skillet (keep poking at it with a
    spatula to help separate it) I use 85% lean beef (its cheaper) after
    the meat is done, or at least no longer pink, pour out the grease.
    Since I use an iron skillet I can make use of the built-in spout. I
    hold the meat in the skillet with my bacon press
Pour grape juice or red wine in (probably 1 cup) when I pour it in, the
    level of liquid only reaches about half the height of the meat.
Sprinkle Ground Red pepper on the top. I usually cover the whole surface- I
    like it hot
Sprinkle dried onion bits all over the top too. Fresh will work, but I use
    dried so I won't have to chop it up. They will re-constitute in the
    moisture anyway.
Let it cook down a bit, but don't let the juice or wine caramelize and
Pour in a medium size jar of tomato sauce. I think it's 24oz. I use
    '8-ingredient mushroom tomato sauce' from Whole Foods. If you smell it,
    you'd swear it was homemade. This is good since you don't have to
    actually make it yourself.
Stir it up- medium heat is ok. If you don't want to mess with it, put it on
    low for 45 min. Regardless, Let it cook down UNCOVERED until it is
    think enough to eat with a fork.

From: Ryan Hughes on the PaleoFood list (27 April 1999)
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