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Chapter: Chicken Recipes: Stove Top
Section: Curried
Recipe: Robert's Indian Chicken

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Robert's Indian Chicken
Speakin' of Indian cookin', I love the local Indian stores. Curry and Garam
Masala are like salt and pepper to me.
Heat up some oil in the pan with 2 tblspn curry powder (not the type from
normal grocery store). After it's hot, drop in a few pounds of chicken
chunks. When dem lil' buggers are all slathered up with the curry-oil,
let'm cook nice'n slow (so ya keep 'em soft). When theyre almost cooked
through, sprinkle them _generously_ with Garam Masala. Finish cooking them,
serve, enjoy, and think of me. hehe.
drop in a cup of mixed veges with the whole mix while its cookin'.
<--extravagant, arent I? <;;^>

From Robert aka "Chef No-Frills"
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