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Chapter: Dehydrating Nuts, Seeds, Fruit and Vegetables: Recipes
Section: Vegetables: Greens
Recipe: Using Dried Kale

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Using Dried Kale
I use the dried kale flakes in meatballs, as toppings where one might use
bread crumbs and/or parmesan cheese, and add it to chicken and other soups.
The kids have a hard time digesting the kale if it hasn't been cooked a
little (best in meatballs, soups). Lately I've been mixing dulse flakes with
the kale flakes. It doesn't absorb water and bind quite like bread crumbs,
though. And you have to be careful when topping a casserole with them, as
they will burn easily. Add them near the end and be sure the casserole isn't
too dry.

I would like to try dehydrating the ground almond mess that's leftover after
making almond milk and use that in place of breadcrumbs, but I've been
worried about the dehydrator fan blowing the almond flour all over the
place. I've been able to squeeze the mess really dry, and use it fresh in a
meatloaf. I think Dori once suggested drying the almonds in the oven. Dori,
does it burn easily? Do you have to keep a close eye? (My oven door doesn't
have a window!!)

By Stacie Tolen. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, Nov. 2001
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