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Chapter: Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, Pesto and Sauces for Fruit
Section: Dressings: Coconut
Recipe: Whipped Coconut Cream

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Whipped Coconut Cream
I've discovered how to make delicious whipped cream to top on berries and
fruits really easy to make. Just take a can of coconut milk (Thai is a
great brand), pour it into a jar and shake vigorously. Let sit in the
refrigerator and you have a very stiffly beaten cream. Drizzle a little
honey on top for sweetness if desired when you scoop it onto your dessert.
From: Ella (ellalane at AOL.COM)

One could add fruit and or spices to the coconut milk for a different flavor.
Or maybe something like the spiced nuts chopped and sprinkled as a topping.

From: Patti Vincent
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