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Chapter: Breakfast Egg Recipes
Section: Skillet: Omelets
Recipe: Stir-Fry Omelet

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Stir-Fry Omelet
3 eggs, beaten
1 carrot, matchstick cut
3 scallions, diagonal sliced
I handful tiny broccoli florets
Or whatever leftover veggies you have
Bits of leftover cooked chicken, pork, beef, any meat you wish
Safflower oil

Heat oil in a wok or large cast iron skillet over medium heat, until hot
enough to sizzle a drop of water. Add broccoli and carrots, stir fry 2 min.
until soft. Add cooked meat, stir fry 1 min. until heated through. Add
scallions and eggs, scramble. Add salt to taste. Serve. This is wonderful
for when you find yourself craving Chinese fried rice! If you should happen
to have a bag of frozen peas you need to get rid of, use them in this
recipe too. Add them when you add the meat.

From: Stacie and Ben's favorite Paleo Recipes
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