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Chapter: Ingredients: Rendering Fats (Suet, Lard and Schmaltz)
Section: Schmaltz
Recipe: More Schmaltz

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More Schmaltz
>Where do you get this from? or do you have to render it yourself?  If so,
>what is the process.

You can buy it ready-made in almost any Jewish delicatessen, or in a
grocery store which caters to Jewish cuisine....
It's easy enough to make yourself...just strip off the chicken fat any
time you make chicken, and freeze the portions of fat in a ziplock bag...
when you have a good amount of raw chicken fat, just thaw it out and put
it in a frying pan over medium to high heat....make sure it doesn't
In 15 minutes or so, the fat will have 'rendered' out, leaving behind
'cracklings' (you can also do this with pork, obvious THAT wouldn't be
'kosher' tho! <g>)...let the fat cool somewhat, then strain it
(cheesecloth would be nice, but a fine-meshed strainer will do) and let
the liquid fat completely cool...what you now have is 'schmaltz', which
you can use to fry and/or to flavor in cooking....

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