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Chapter: Frozen Dessert Recipes
Section: Coconut
Recipe: Coconut Icecream

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Coconut Icecream
All used foods should be best quality.
Buy a ripe coconut, i.e. one with thick white flesh. Additionally buy app.
one litre (two pints) of coconut juice or buy young coconuts and extract
the juice. Extract the flesh from the ripe coconut and put it into the food
processor. The amount of flesh is something you can vary, depending on how
intense the taste of the ice should be. Try 0.5 lb for two pints of
coconut juice. Add the juice to the processed flesh. Now put the mixture
into an ice machine (must be able to stir while freezing). For instinctos:
eat your icecream while frozen. Do not let it thaw again  because it would
be subject to denaturation by thawing.

From: Stefan Joest on the Raw-Food Diet List
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