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Chapter: Fruit (Non-Blender) Recipes
Section: Served Cold
Recipe: Peeling Mangoes

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Peeling Mangoes
Using a peeler, peel the mango. Then, hold the mango on the counter (works
best if on a towel, or a paper towel)  narrow edge and stem facing up. Get
a good sharp knife and allowing about 1" in the middle, cut down on each
side of the mango, so you have two 'halves' and the middle where the pit
is. If you meet resistance, move the knife toward the outside of the mango
until you can cut through.  Then cut as much as you can off the pit. Slice
and eat....oh yeah, either toss or plant (yeah, right) the pit. Patience
is the key.

From nospam5 in rec.food.cooking on Feb 13, 1999.
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