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Chapter: Fruit (Non-Blender) Recipes
Section: Raw: Desserts
Recipe: Raw Apple Pie

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Raw Apple Pie
Pretty much any combination of nuts will work for the crust, but pecans,
walnuts, and almonds are preferable. If you don't have raisins, you can use
dates instead - which will give your pie more of a caramel flavor.

3 cups nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds)
1 cup raisins
4 medium apples (or 5 small apples)
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice)

In your food processor, coarsely grind together the nuts and half of the
raisins until a workable dough is formed - do not over combine.  Take about
2/3 of the dough, and press it into the bottom of a pie pan. Set the other
1/3 aside to be used as topping.

Using a mandolin or your food processor, thinly slice the apples and place
in a bowl. Blend together the rest of the raisins with the apple cider
vinegar, cinnamon, 3 tbsp of water, and a couple of the apple slices to
form a paste. Pour the paste into the bowl with the apples, and toss -
being careful not to break the apple slices. Arrange the apple slices in
the pie, layering them so that their sides are slightly overlapping (like
how fruit always looks on tarts).

The dough that's set aside can be rolled out and cut into strips to make a
lattice topping, or you can crumble it over the top like an apple crisp if
you're in a hurry. Cut into 8 equal pieces, and keep in the fridge for a
couple of days.

From: Maggie at Rawified
Maggie at Rawified