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Section: Emu
Recipe: Tips for Cooking Emu Meat

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Tips for Cooking Emu Meat
The tenderness and texture of emu meat enables it to be prepared in a
variety of ways. It is best prepared lightly grilled or pan fried.

Although emu meat has similar characteristics to lean beef, there are also
some differences. Emu meat is very dark with little or no marbling. Since
most fat is deposited in a layer between the meat and the hide, the meat
has very little fat even on the outside of the cut.

As emu meat is low in fat, it doesn't need to be cooked as long or with as
high a temperature as most other meats.

For grilling (broiling) a steak, move the griller rack down one notch from
where you would grill beef. Turn the steak quicker than you would turn a
beef steak. Emu is best when cooked rare to medium rare.

Chopped or minced (ground) emu will cook faster than beef. Since it
contains very little fat, it should be cooked at low temperatures.
Shrinkage should be minimal due to the low fat content and slow cooking.

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