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Section: Venison
Recipe: Grilled Venison Brochettes

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Grilled Venison Brochettes
Venison Leg or Shoulder Roast, 2 pounds	
4 Baby artichokes, halved
2 Bell peppers (any color)
3/4 cup Olive oil
3 Tbsp Chopped fresh basil
2 Tbsp Lemon juice
1 Tbsp Red chili flakes
Pepper to taste

For marinade, combine olive oil, basil, lemon juice and chili flakes.
Roast and peel peppers. Cut into 2-inch squares.

For venison, cut venison roast in 1-1/2 inch cubes. Marinate venison and
vegetables for 30 minutes. Thread skewer with venison and vegetables.

Grill over high heat for 5-6 minutes, turning once.
Venison should be rare. Brush with marinade just before serving.

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