Endives in Olive Oil

Endives in Olive Oil

Endive, two per person
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice

With a stainless steel knife, cut each endive into 1/2-inch lengths.

Melt olive oil in a sauté pan.

Add in the endive. Let them cook for a few seconds, turning them about with a wooden spoon. Then add salt, turn down the heat and cover the pan. Using this method, the endive will be sufficiently cooked in about 10 minutes. Be sure to uncover them and shake the pan from time to time to make sure the endives are not sticking.

Before serving, add a squeeze of lemon juice.

A heartier variation would be to add a few little cubes of bacon or ham.

Contributed by: Nora Pouillon, Restaurant Nora, Asia Nora
Adapted from: Endive.com
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