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Chapter: Frozen Dessert Recipes (alphabetical by primary fruit)
Recipe: Sorbet
Buy a can of fruit, preferably in heavy syrup. (Peaches or pears are a
good start, but you may be able to find something more exotic.) Put the
can in your freezer and forget about it until you're ready for dessert.
Open both ends of the can and push the frozen contents out onto a cutting
board. (You may have to run hot water on the outside a little while to
loosen it up.) Cut the frozen stuff into chunks, put them into a food
processor, and grind them up. You may find it easier to do both the
cutting and the grinding if you first zap the stuff in the microwave for a
half minute or so. You may also find it helpful to add a small quantity of
water or fruit juice to help the grinding process. When it's all whipped
up, it makes a terrific sorbet that's just the thing on a hot July day.

From: New York Times food page via Laurence Shatkin.

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