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Chapter: Dried Meat: Jerky Recipes
Section: Dehydrator
Recipe: Jerky Recipe

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Jerky Recipe
   To make jerky, take a raw piece of beef round or chuck, quite lean
and slice it thin, across the grain. Lay the slices across the racks
of the dryer for two days and nights -- test it by breaking a piece,
it is dry enough when it cracks in two when you break it. The smaller
and thinner you cut the pieces of meat before drying them, the quicker
they will get tender as you soak and cook them
(remember, its easier to slice thinly if the steak is partially frozen)
    One pound of sliced beef dries to 4 ounces of jerky, making
    A ratio of undried to dried meat of about 4:1.
Before drying the meat, you can season it with some combination of the
following spices: paprika, pepper, salt, or other concoctions. Garlic is
wonderful on jerky. I recommend
rubbing the meat with cut cloves of garlic before slicing it.
A marinade will change the taste slightly, and cause the meat to take
longer to dry. Marinating tenderizes the meat however.

From: The Hungry Hikers Book of Good Cooking by Gretchen McHugh
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