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Chapter: Food Lists/Menus/Meal Plans
Section: Typical Days
Recipe: Lynnet Bannion's Typical Day

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Lynnet Bannion's Typical Day
Breakfast: around an ounce of nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds (raw)
   or carob goodie (unsweetened carob, pecan meal and coconut oil)
Snacks:  raw nuts or dry unsweetened coconut, an ounce or so
Lunch: big green salad, with assorted veggies: a little carrot or tomato,
  avocado, radish, cucumber, whatever I have on hand. Sometimes no
  dressing, sometimes a little homemade olive oil and vinegar dressing;
  about 4 oz. of meat: usually leftover, roast pork or lamb, chicken,
  turkey, occasionally sardines in olive oil.
Supper: Either another green salad, or some cooked veggie dish: zucchini,
  broccoli, onion, cooked greens, cauliflower, or other lo-carb vegetable,
  cooked in olive oil with herbs, maybe tomato. Another 4-5 oz of meat:
  pork, lamb, occasionally beef, salmon, chicken, turkey; rarely paleo
  chili. Some nights I have some berries or an apple or pear or a couple of

Pork and lamb are organic from a local farm, also chicken and turkey;
veggies mostly organic, as much as I can get. Rarely, not more than once a
week, I'll have a couple of eggs.
Eating out, I usually choose beef (obviously, not organic).

It doesn't amount to a lot of calories (1200-1400 usually), but it is
quite satisfying to me.