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Chapter: Pemmican Recipes: New and Old
Section: Modern Recipes
Recipe: Pemmican Recipe by the Dooleys of Boise

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Pemmican Recipe by the Dooleys of Boise
 4 c  Dried meat
 3 c  Dried fruit
 2 c  Rendered fat

4 cups dried meat - depending on how lean it is, it can take 1 - 2
lbs. per cup. Use only deer, moose, caribou, or beef (not pork or
bear). Get it as lean as possible and double ground from your butcher
if you don't have a meat grinder. Spread it out very thinly in cookie
sheets and dry at 1800 overnight or until crispy and sinewy. Regrind
or somehow break it into almost a powder.

3 cups dried fruit - to taste mix currents, dates, apricots, dried
apples. Grind some and leave some lumpy for texture.

2 cups rendered fat - use only beef fat. Cut into chunks and heat over
the stove over medium (or Tallow) heat. Tallow is the liquid and can
be poured off and strained.

Unsalted nuts to taste and a shot of honey.

Combine in a bowl and hand mix. Double bag into four portions. The
mixture will last for quite a while without refrigeration. I have
eaten it four years old. It actually improves with age.

HINT: Vary the fat content to the temperature in which it will be
consumed. Less for summer. Lots for winter. Not only is it good energy
food for canoeing, but an excellent snack for cross country skiing.
This recipe was originally from a Chippewayan Indian Guide as he
learned it from his father. No buffalo chips!

This recipe was submitted by the Dooleys of Boise. Our thanks to them.
Winter 1981 (Vol. 4, No. 1) Newsletter for Voyageurs
From: EdibleWild@onelist.com