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Chapter: Sausage Making Recipes
Section: Smoked
Recipe: Andouille(2) Sausage Making

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Andouille(2) Sausage Making
   4 lb Pork
   1 lb Tripe or chitterlings
   2    Garlic cloves
   3    Bay leaves
   2 lg Onions
   1 tb Salt (not iodized)
   1 tb Pepper
   1 ts Cayenne pepper
   1 ts Chili pepper
 1/2 ts Ground mace
 1/2 ts Ground cloves
 1/2 ts Ground allspice
   1 tb Minced thyme
   1 tb Minced marjoram
   1 tb Minced parsley

Pork should be approx 2 lbs fat and 2 lbs lean [usually Boston butt]. The
tripe is the inner lining of pork stomach and chitterlings (largest
intestine) may be used instead. You can use an extra pound of pork instead
of the tripe/chitterlings.

Chop, do not grind the meat. Mix with seasonings. Stuff into casings. Age
at least overnight and then smoke several hours using hickory, hackberry or
ash. (Do not use pine.) Throw anything sweet, such as cane sugar or syrup,
raw sugar, molassess, sugar cane or brown sugar on the wood before lighting.

Posted by Paul A. Meadows to rec.food.recipes on April 16, 1995.
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