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Chapter: Sausage Making Recipes
Section: Fresh
Recipe: Breakfast or Country Sausage

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Breakfast or Country Sausage
10 pounds pork shoulder
4 Tb. salt
1 1/2 Tb. white pepper
2 1/2 Tb. sage
1 Tb. nutmeg
1 Tb. thyme
1 1/2 tsp. ginger
1/2 Tb. cayenne pepper
2 Cups ice water

Trim the fat off the pork shoulder, if you like lean sausage, or leave it
on if you like more flavor. Always make certain that your meat is free of
bone and glands. Limpy likes the 1/8" grinding plate, and recommends
grinding the meat only once. To the ground meat, mix in the dry spices
first. Then add the ice water. Mix thoroughly. Bulk sausage is easily made
into patties, or you can use 22-24mm lamb casings for the challenge of
making link sausage. They usually cost between $25.00 - $35.00 per hank
(bundle), and can stuff approximately 55 Lbs. of meat. Wrap the finished
product in freezer paper for long term storage, or fry some up right now
for a real treat!

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