Lobster in microwave?

Lobster in microwave?

Newsgroups: rec.food.cooking
Subject: Lobster in microwave??

From: jchampeny@aol.com (Jchampeny)
Date: 21 Sep 1995 22:44:57 -0400

Has anyone cooked lobster in a microwave? If so, for how many minutes
per lobster and how does it come out?

From: porter_c@a1.tch.harvard.edu (Christine Porter)
Date: 22 Sep 1995 16:24:21 GMT

I wouldn't try it. It's so irregular in shape, you'd probably end up with portions that were too tough to chew and others that were raw. Also, you could have a massive explosion unless you cracked all the shells first.

From: psyclops@netcom.com (Steve Wertz)
Date: 22 Sep 1995 20:14:56 GMT

Don't even think about it! A lobster needs a nicely controlled *even* source of heat. You'll end up with a raw and overcooked mess.

From: bradfox@inforamp.net (Bradley Fox)
Date: 22 Sep 1995 22:25:24 GMT

I have never tried it but I am of the opinion that there would be a interesting, but messy, explosion.

If any one has tried this especially with a live lobster please let me know.

From: ddmcc@jdk.com (Desiree McCrorey)
Date: 22 Sep 1995 17:31:22 -0500

I've only cooked clams in the zapper, but they come out wonderful. They're easy because they're practically sealed already. I put them on a platter and cover with a plastic dome. With that method, they actually get steamed, not zapped.

I guess what I'm suggesting is, if you do try to cook the lobster in the microwave, you should probably put it inside of something first, like those glassware pots with lids. That way, it's the steam that actually cooks the lobster, not the waves.

From: "Mary f.(Pud in pavlova's kitchen)" (mary.frye@cts.comsat.com)
Date: 23 Sep 1995 03:52:51 GMT

I've never even anticipated this :=). But I would say that by the time you get the water boiling in the MW you might as well do it on the stove (IMHO). Here in Maryland, Dad and I boil them for 15 minutes and let them drain (tails straight out) for another 10 minutes. This is for a 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 lb lobter (of the maine variety). sorry I'm not much help here, But a lobster in the microwave????? ackkkkkkkkkk :-) !

Now if you want to grill a lobster... and are not squeamish... that is heaven!!!

From: jborus@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Judith Borus)
Date: 23 Sep 1995 04:16:48 GMT

Many people on this newsgroup were horrified at the thought of boiling a live creature. Some even said that the lobsters scream when dropped into the pot. Can you imagine the ruckus as the lobster tries to escape from the microwave?

From: jchampeny@aol.com (Jchampeny)
Date: 23 Sep 1995 13:58:46 -0400

As the originators of the original query and because nobody replying seemed to have had any actual experience in cooking lobster in a microwave oven we decided to do an experiment.

We first killed a live lobster (using the method recommended by Julia Child), put it in the microwave oven (Amana - normal power), and gave it 5 minutes followed by another 5 minutes. We just put it in bare because we had nothing suitable to enclose it. We decided to just take a chance on an explosion...

The results:

1. Nothing exploded.
2. The legs were slightly overdone.
3. The claws were delicious.
4. The tail was somewhat underdone and required several more minutes of microwaving by itself.

The conclusions:

1. Lobsters probably do not explode in a microwave oven.
2. It is NOT a recommended way to cook lobsters!!!

PS. The reason for the idea was to eliminate the chore of cleaning the pot after boiling lobsters but I guess we will stick with the boiling method... Thanks for everybody's advice.

John Champeny and Lisa Hamilton, Lincoln, MA

From: goodybaker@aol.com (Goodybaker)
Date: 24 Sep 1995 21:29:55 -0400

I haven't tried it myself, but have heard on local radio cooking show quite a few callers raving how successful it is. For one thing, don't use lobsters bigger than l-l/2 lb. Place in oven bag, in pan, on high for 6-7 minutes. Be careful, will be very hot. You'll only be able to do one at a time. It took me a long time to get over putting them in boiling water -- don't think I could watch them in a zapper.

From: goodybaker@aol.com (Goodybaker)
Date: 24 Sep 1995 22:31:21 -0400

According to quite a few callers to a cooking talk radio show broadcast in my area of New England, it is a pretty good way to cook lobster as it remains juicy and doesn't create a mess. Place the lobster, not more than l-l/4 lb., in oven cooking bag and microwave on high for 6-7 minutes. A larger sized one will not cook evenly. Warning: it will be very hot. I haven't tried it; it took me a long time to get the nerve to put them into a pot of boiling water, I don't think I could bear to watch them being nuked live.

From: mahjg@aol.com (Margaret)
Date: 27 Sep 1995 15:27:08 -0400

Yes, be forewarned about what happens to them in the zapper. It's not for the faint of heart. My former boss, who lives in Maine and has little compassion for any living things including his staff, says this is a great method for preparing lobsters but it is really gross to watch them squirm. But he got used to it.

From: apforz@pfood.win.net (Andy Pforzheimer)
Date: 28 Sep 1995 02:31:41 GMT

Yes, well, the secret is not to watch.
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