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Chapter: Beverage Recipes
Section: Hot: Non-Apple
Recipe: Sassafras Tea

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Sassafras Tea
Sassafras tea tastes amazingly like rootbeer-- in fact I think that
sassafras root is the ingredient that "root" beer is made from. I think
that old-fashioned sarsaparilla is soda made from sassafras. I bet you
could make a tea, then sweeten with honey, and you could use dry ice to
make it carbonated. I don't know if the dry ice is Paleo, but it's just
adding bubbles. We used to make rootbeer with rootbeer flavoring and water,
then put a about 1 pound of dry ice in a large container with it and wait a
couple of hours for it to get carbonated. I'll have to try it with the
sassafras tea.

From: Julie Jarvis. Posted to PaleoFood list 22 Jan 1999.
Don Wiss, from ForagingPictures.com