Baconnaise... Bacon Mayonnaise From Scratch

Baconnaise... Bacon Mayonnaise From Scratch

12 oz of oil
2 eggs
Juice of 1 lemon
A pack of delicious bacon

Tools: Blender

The most important ingredient in mayonnaise its the oil so to make our Baconnaise we have to get as much bacon oil/fat as possible so we can get that bacon flavor.

Fry you bacon preferably on a Forman grill or and oven where you are gonna be able to separate the drippings from the bacon and that the bacon its not gonna stay frying in the oil that comes out. The reason for this is that the first thing that comes out of the bacon its mainly water, juices and fat and if you get any water in the mayonnaise it wont come out right. After you see that water stops dripping and you can see only oil dripping remove the tray and collect the pure oil in a new tray.

Let the bacon fry until looks crispy and dry and most of the oil is out.

The bacon oil that you collected you are going to strain it to get the impurities out and then mix it with regular oil until you have 12oz of oil mix.

Save the bacon to add to the Baconnaise if you want crunchy Baconnaise.

Put the two full eggs in the blender and start it at the slowest speed.

Pour the oil in a small thin string very slowly into the eggs as they get blended.

As it starts to thicken and you put all the oil add salt pepper and the lemon juice and the stop the blender.

This process should not take more than 1 minute if you blend it for too long it will mess up and don't stop and star the blender once you added the oil or it will also mess up.

Take out the Baconnaise from the blender and put it into a container.

If you want crunchy Baconnaise cut the fried bacon in small pieces and add it to it if not just leave it like that and you have creamy Baconnaise.

Enjoy, now you can take your bacon everywhere and put it on anything you want anytime.......

Site has more pictures and a video of the pouring technique and speed.

by Nelson_Yepez. From: instructables
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