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Chapter: Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, Pesto and Sauces for Fruit
Section: Horseradishes
Recipe: Horseradish

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We collected lots of roots growing in railway track ballast on a disused
line. We washed the roots thoroughly then liquidised them and packed the
resultant mush into plastic yoghurt pots before storage in the deep freeze.
Use the smallest roots only as they have less fibrous core (which is not so
strong in flavour and somewhat chewy in texture) and do not need peeling.
If you freeze down small batches you can easily defrost one and blend it
with Neanderthin mayonaise. Use it to accompany your
Sunday roast beef instead of traditional mustard - deeeelicious!

From: DaveJackson@bigfoot.com
Adapted by Patti Vincent