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Chapter: Condiments: Marinade Recipes
Section: Citrus and Oil
Recipe: Chicken Marinades

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Chicken Marinades
I tend to improvise with whatever comes to hand. The following things have
served me well in the past (mix and match - treat it like a salad bar; a
good idea is to take a single item from each list):

Acidic Flavors
  Lemon Juice
  Lime Juice

Salty Flavors

Other Liquids
  Chinese Hot Oil
  Sesame Oil
  Broth or Stock
  Maple Syrup

Other Ingredients
  Dry Mustard
  Black Pepper
  White Pepper
  Lemon Peel
  Diced onion
  Fennel Seed
  Chili Powder

Assemble at will! Once the chicken is marinated, toss it in a non-stick
pan with a little olive oil to cook it. if you then want a good SAUCE on
the chicken, stir some arrowroot (just a pinch or three) into your
marinade and toss it into the hot pan.

Posted by S. John Ross to rec.food.recipes on Feb 28, 1997.
Adapted by Patti Vincent