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Chapter: Food Lists/Menus/Meal Plans
Section: Menu Suggestions
Recipe: Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Foods

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Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Foods
>I have two children who aren't keen on eggs for breakfast. Does anyone have
>some suggestions for quick kid-friendly breakfast foods? Or maybe something
>I could make ahead?

Pork chops or little pork steaks with cooked applesauce (being paleo allows
you to drop the notion of "for breakfast only" foods. You'll find yourself
serving dinners in the A.M.; ground lamb and peas sautéed with a bit of
curry and tomato paste; steak and eggs (you could drop the eggs); fried rice
with chicken, beef or pork and lots of veggies (I don't sweat the rice,
especially if its brown rice and it gets the boys to eat lots of brocolli.
Fried rice also allows you to sneak egg into it); sautéed chicken livers
(yep, believe it or not, they love 'em). Leftover meatloaf with scramlbed
eggs on the side. For starchier breakfasts, I'll serve boiled yam rounds
topped with cinammon and lots of butter. I also accompany some meals with
fried plaintains. They're a bit hit.

By Judy Genova. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, Oct. 2001