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Chapter: Food Lists/Menus/Meal Plans
Section: Menu Suggestions
Recipe: Variety Trouble: Menu Ideas

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Variety Trouble: Menu Ideas
Breakfast (not a menu here, just a collection of ideas):
-Smoothie made with coconut milk, soft boiled eggs, fruit and optional honey
-"Granola" made with toasted or dried nuts, dried or fresh fruit or berries,
with coconut milk or a touch of pure maple syrup on top
-Ask your butcher for "breakfast steaks", these are great with eggs
-check the archive here for Sean Townsend's breakfast sausage recipe. Vary
the recipe each time you prepare it (use a different meat, different herb).
I broke down and got some eggs- had to literally hide them from Zoe- and
tried his Scotch Eggs recipe. It was really delicious!
-there is a recipe for paleo bars. These are great!
-try fresh fish or even soups for breakfast.

-sashimi or no-rice maki rolls
-homemade roast beef slices
-try fresh wild salmon on your salad instead of tuna. Wild salmon is in
season now. Just buy a skin-on fillet, place on a piece of foil to bake.
When it's done, you can flake it off of its skin- cleanup's a cinch.
-vary the greens in your salad. Perhaps try sea vegetable salads.

By Stacie Tolen. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, July 2001