Prawn, Indian style

Prawn, Indian style

I applied my sister's western Indian style method (not sure whether it's Goanese or Maharashtrian) of making prawns to prepare mushrooms. It was really good, and I thought someone might like to try it.

Make a masala of dry roasted coriander (2 TBS), fenugreek (methi) seeds (1/4 tsp), black pepper (1 tsp).

Heat a little oil, add to it mustard seeds, let them pop, then chopped up onions, garlic, ginger and curry leaf.

To this add water, salt, turmeric, the masala, and lime juice (I used lemon).

Boil 5 min (it thickens and changes colour in a most satisfying manner).

Add to this the prawn (or mushrooms, as I did) and coconut milk (maybe less than half of one of the cans) and cook until done.

The combination of lime juice and pepper in this context is something to experience.

From Geeta Bharathan in on Feb 13, 1999.
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