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Chapter: Condiments: Dry Rub/Spice Mix Recipes
Section: Nut Based Mixes
Recipe: Fish Spice Mix

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Fish Spice Mix
This spice mixture is incredibly versatile. We highly recommend it for 
sole, turbot, or any similar fish simply panfried.

24g  Hazelnuts, peeled, roasted, and coarsely ground
22g  Sesame seeds, toasted
6g   Coriander seeds, toasted
5g   White poppy seeds, toasted
2g   Dried ginger, ground [Powdered ginger]
1.6g Salt
1.2g Dried chamomile, ground

Prepare ingredients as noted.
Combine in food processor or mortar.
Grind to coarse powder.
Vacuum seal to preserve aroma.
Refrigerate until use.

From page 5-154 in Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking
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