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Chapter: Vegetable Recipes
Section: Yams
Recipe: Yam Sundae

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Yam Sundae
Take a yam, preferably garnet (the darker red variety). Bake in a 350
degree oven for a couple of hours or so, until the meat has visibly
shrunken from the skin. The juices will have somewhat caramelized. Let
cool at least enough to handle. Slit skin open and scoop out a
reasonable serving into a cup or small bowl. Top with two or three
tablespoons of crushed, shelled walnuts and an equal amount of maple
syrup. Nuke for 40-50 seconds to heat all together. A light grating of
sweet spice such as allspice, nutmeg and or cloves is optional.

From: Katie Bretsch on PaleoFood list. Posted 20 Feb 1999.
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